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Welcome to another Habit Coach Wrap — your monthly update on the latest in the world of behavioral science-backed coaching! In each update, we (the team at Habit Coach Professionals) share the three most important pieces of content to check out each month.

We’ve got some egg-cellent content and insights for you from this April! Let’s spring right into it! 🐣

April Insights

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📖 Something to read

From Strangers to Teammates: How Getting on the Same Wavelength Might Be More than a Metaphor
During challenging times, our clients might feel as if we aren’t on their team, even though we know, we are. It’s important for them to sense that we share their goals. In this article, Jay Van Bavel and Dominic Packer discuss how a sense of common fate produces a shared identity, and in turn, solidarity and the ability to work together to face and overcome challenges that might otherwise be difficult to address alone.

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Second Guessing First Impressions
When a client of ours fails to do a desired behavior, we often blame their personal factors rather than their environment. In this recent Choiceology podcast episode, host Katy Milkman, along with legendary social psychologist Richard Nisbett, dig into why, when we judge someone, we rarely stop to consider how their particular situation likely played a large role in guiding their actions.

📺 Your must-see TV

The Power Of Habits In PT Distinction
Habit Coaching has been established as one of the most effective ways to help support your clients in reaching their goals. In this video training, Ash Burleigh explores why habits are so effective, especially when it comes to online personal training. Plus how to use the amazing habits tracking features in the PT Distinction coaching software.

💡Habit Coach Spotlight

Highlighting an inspiring habit coach from around the world

Mary Ann Bianchini

Operations Director & Group Fitness Instructor

I own and run Get Hooked Fitness, and I help women build confidence, reduce stress, and create the lifestyle they’ve always wanted through boxing and habit coaching. I absolutely loved The HCP Level 1 course! It’s so different from any other certification I’ve ever signed up for. I’ve learned so much about habits for myself, and I am excited to be using them with my clients!

Get in touch with Mary Ann about her coaching practice!

😳 4 Days of Registration for HCP Lv1 Cert

If you enroll in our Habit Coach Professionals Level 1 Certification Course, over the course of 10 weeks we will teach you the science behind how we make decisions, what makes a behavior happen, and how a behavior turns into a habit, as well as, give you several game-changing tools and strategies based in behavioral science that you can immediately start utilizing with yourself and your clients to create healthy habits that last!

Our next cohort runs May 16 — July 24. Click here to learn more and sign up. Registration is only open through 11:59pm central time this, Sunday, May 1.

🚀 Free Nutrition Habits Webinar!

Join HCP Co-Founder Erin Laverone for a live webinar during Coach Catalyst’s Nutrition Coaching Summit on May 5th!

Oftentimes we think our clients just lack the motivation and willpower to kick their bad nutrition habits and build better ones. However, more often than not the situation plays a bigger role than the person. Learn about the hidden players in our built, social, digital, and mental environments that nudge our nutrition habits, for better or worse!

We hope to see you at 1pm central time on Thursday, May 5th for a live 45-minute webinar followed by a 15-minute Q&A! Register here.

And that’s a wrap! We hope this month’s behavioral science backed coaching content made you wanna dance with some-bunny! 🐰 We’ll be back in your inbox with more great insights at the end of May.

If you’d like these insights sent straight to your inbox, join the mailing list!


Erin, Sam, and The HCP SuperTeam 🦸‍♀️




Innovative platform aiming to bring behavioral science strategies to support coaches in better helping their clients make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

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Habit Coach Pro

Innovative platform aiming to bring behavioral science strategies to support coaches in better helping their clients make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

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